Touring in the USA

We have been doing a bit of touring on the East Coast of the USA for the past 4 weeks for my daughter’s wedding – New York (freezing), Washington DC (weather bearable but still extremely cold) and New Orleans (warmer). We’ve been on planes, trains, buses and boats throughout our trip and experienced varying degrees of comfort from excellent to not-so-excellent, but accommodation-wise I can recommend Akwaaba Mansions in Brooklyn and Washington DC, the Fairmont in Washington DC and The Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Monique Greenwood, owner of the Akwaaba B&Bs in Brooklyn, Washington DC … Continue reading Touring in the USA

UWS EucFACE experiment site

Visitors on Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours trips through the Richmond Lowlands and around UWS Hawkesbury Campus often ask about the experiments being conducted at the UWS EucFACE experiment site (Free Air CO2 Experiment). The experiment site is designed to predict the effects of rapidly rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on Australia’s native forests. This experiment aims to predict decades in advance the effects of exposure to rising CO2 levels on native forests, animals, soils and grasses. Check out the website about EucFACE at Continue reading UWS EucFACE experiment site