Article about Lewis Stuart of Colo

My article in last Wednesday’s Hawkesbury Gazette was very popular with all Lew’s descendants in the Hawkesbury area and beyond. Such an interesting man. One of those stalwart Scots who came out to Australia in the late 1880s who worked hard and overcame tragic events in his life to achieve success as a family man, orchardist at Colo, partner in Hayes Bros Motor Garage at Windsor and local Councillor.Image

2 thoughts on “Article about Lewis Stuart of Colo

  1. To Carol

    In respect of your post about the Mignon piano, I tuned a similar piano to that one yesterday located just out of Dungog. Also a cherished piano, I found it to be in surprisingly good condition and
    at 440Hz. I have seen small Mignon pianos before and not impressed, but this one had the logo and a slightly earlier number than your post. Also a pianist from an early age, I used to love a visit to Palings & Nicholsons. One could nearly always find the printed music one desired between the two.

    Regards, James Bonnefin

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    1. Thank you for your comment James. I apologise for not answering earlier but I was in hospital at the time having a knee op then I caught Covid which set me back considerably. I still have the Mignon, even though I would like to find a home for it as I need the room. I agree it used to be like a treasure trove to go into the music shops in Sydney and Parramatta and search through their collections of sheet music. In more recent years I discovered Da Capo in Glebe (now no more) and used to spend hours browsing through their shelves, particularly when I was teaching piano and theory.
      Best wishes for the New Year
      Carol R.


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