Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours and the NBN

A few days ago I was contacted by Solstice Media to see if I was willing to appear on a short video about the use of NBN by Hawkesbury Valley Heritage Tours. Well, the lovely Theresa and Stuart arrived and searched for a place with good lighting away from traffic noise, so we finally settled in our fernery. After filming, Stuart and Theresa accompanied me on a pre-arranged tour (with permission from the tour organisers) and we visited Ebenezer Church for their traditional, delicious Devonshire Tea. After enjoying their visit to Ebenezer, they were driven back to Windsor by Geoff to catch some final shots of historic Windsor and St Matthew’s Anglican Church. I continued the tour with my group, who were very interested in farming in the Hawkesbury, as well as hearing about the pioneer settlers, the floods and the history and heritage of the area.

Since their visit, Theresa and Stuart very quickly got back to us with a copy of the short video. Check it out below.


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